Friends For Life is a ministry formed to connect adults with Developmental Disabilities to a community and to Christ.  All of us that are involved in this ministry know that it is our friends who show us and our community what true blessing are.  It is our hope that you will see the value of our group and want your adult with DD to be a part of it or to become a part of it yourself!!


Friends For Life was created in 2010 to fill significant voids in the lives of those living with Developmental Disabilities (DD).  Often times adults with DD are isolated, unable to attend social events and church due to a variety of issues, often leading to a lonely existence.

Friends For Life (FFL) was established to break those barriers and to open doors to people and families who more often than not have only had doors closed on them.

Through their affiliation with FFL, we are able to connect adults with DD to social communities and more importantly faith communities.  FFL is creating opportunities for adults with DD as well as their families to Christian groups so they too can experience what we all take for granted; meaningful friendships, adventures, spiritual growth and opportunities to serve in a safe and loving environment.


We maintain a busy calendar of events for our friends with DD:

  • Every week a local church (lead by our volunteers) provides Sunday school specifically for our group after church.  This is important, as families have said that in the past their adult developmentally disabled child has either been put into a group with young children based on their ability or mainstreamed with their age group, both ending badly and ultimately leading to not attending church at all.    This group acts out Bible stories, reads from the Bible and prays for each other.
  • Once a month a Bible Study is provided.  This takes place at a volunteer leaders home.  Again this helps grow their faith as well as improving social interaction – both of which were previously lacking in most of their lives.
  • Once a month a Club is held.  This is a much bigger venue held at a different local church and  includes a group dinner, guitar music with worship songs, a skit, dance party, games, open microphone, raffle and a Bible lesson.  Club is like a party where our Friends can meet others, deepen existing friendships, learn about Christ, be silly and update everyone on their lives and even show off talents!
  • FFL also participates in community activities.  (see list *Additional activities tab and *Parks and Rec tab)  Our members participate in events sponsored through our county and friends of FFL.  Our adults with DD even volunteer and give back to our community because they have learned that God calls us all to serve.